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Flora Survey

Rocklily Wildlife Refuge is a combination of a number of forest types, with the land going from 600 m up to 700 m, then back down to 620 m and up again to 890 m in little over 1 km; it is also the headwaters for Sallys Creek which eventually feeds Warragamba Dam. Rocklily is mainly Western Tablelands dry forest interspersed with Wollondilly-Cox-Shoalhaven-George Woodland with a small portion of Highland Range Sheltered Forest and Abercrombie-Tarlo-Footslopes Woodland and Kowmung-Wollondilly-Grassy-George Woodland.  More than 50% of the property was cleared for timber in the early 1900s, being yellow stringybark, and much of this is regrowing. There have been no cows on the property for 9 years, and it’s wonderful to see the regrowth.

Chakeri wattle local to the area.

We have been doing selected plantings near dams to assist this. We are mindful that it’s about 70 km north to Katoomba with only the dirt Yerranderie Road to cross, and we believe there has not been a bushfire in the area for over 40 years. So we are thinning any regrowth near the house or sheds. Below are summaries of the various forest types (we will be putting a more thorough listing together shortly.)

Rocklily vegetation

Rocklily vegetation

Western Tablelands

Our road in

Dry forest, taller open forest with abundant broad-leaved peppermint (E. dives), snow gum (E. pauciflora), mountain gum (E. dalrympleana) and ribbon gum (E. viminalis) over a grassy understorey. Shrubs are typically uncommon or scarce.

Trees: Eucalyptus dalrympleana, E. dives, E. pauciflora, E. viminalis, E.bridgesiana.

Low Trees and Shrubs: Acacia falciformis, Leucopogon lanceolatus, Lissanthe strigosa

Ground Covers:  Asplenium flabellifolium, Cymbonotus lawsonianus, Desmodium varians, Dianella caerulea, D. revoluta, Dichondra repens, Geranium solanderi, Gonocarpus tetragynus, Helichrysum scorpioides, Hydrocotyle laxiflora, Joycea pallida, Lomandra filiformis, Lomandra longifolia, Microlaena stipoides, Oxalis perennans, Poa sieberiana, Pteridium esculentum, Senecio quadridentatus, Stackhousia monogyna, S. viminea, Stellaria pungens, Viola betonicifolia

Vines & Climbers incude Clematis glycinoides, Glycine clandestina


Wollondilly–Cox–Shoalhaven George Woodland

Highland Range Sheltered forest

Floristic Summary:

Trees: Eucalyptus elata, E. radiata, E. fastigata.

Shrubs: Leucopogon lanceolatus, Rubus parvifolius

Climbers: Clematis aristata, Glycine clandestina

Groundcover: Pteridium esculentum, Lomandra longifolia, Viola hederacea, Microlaena stipoides, Dichondra spp., Desmodium varians, Poranthera  microphylla, Echinopogon ovatus, Dianella caerulea, Veronica plebeia, Stellaria pungens, Plantago debilis


Abercrombie–Tarlo Footslopes Woodland

Kowmung–Wollondilly Grassy George Woodland

Floristic Summary:

Trees: Eucalyptus tereticornis, E. crebra, Acacia implexa

Shrubs: Olearia viscidula, Breynia oblongifolia, Bursaria spinosa, Indigofera australis

Climbers: Geitonoplesium cymosum, Clematis glycinoides, Glycine clandestina, Pandorea pandorana

Groundcover: Dichondra spp., Desmodium gunnii, Plectranthus parviflorus, Pellaea falcata, Pratia purpurascens, Microlaena stipoides, Oplismenus imbecillis,   Cheilanthes sieberi, Einadia hastata, Cymbopogon refractus, Lomandra multiflora, Adiantum aethiopicum.

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