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Useful Links

Find a wildlife carer group near you in NSW
Find a wildlife carer or group near you – Australia-wide search by postcode


Australian Wildlife Carers Network. Wildlife incident mapping. A wildlife rehab community project. Anyone can record roadkill on this map.


Australian Wildlife News.  An online newsletter/magazine. Another great read, available online and it’s FREE.


Southern Cross Wildlife  Dr Howard Ralph & Glenda Ralph operate an outstanding wildlife clinic in Sydney and Braidwood. Funded by donations, volunteers and Glenda working a number of jobs! If you want to donate to helping wildlife, here is the place!


Wildwood Wildlife Shelter in Grampians Victoria. Pam is a very busy lady and doing some seriously great stuff. She has a calendar for sale and you can donate online to a very good cause.


Native Animal Rescue Group – sells the best wombat calendar around!  Check out their website as they are selling fast.  Got a problem with wildlife in the Braidwood area, these are the guys to call.


Humane Society International – voluntary sanctuary agreements.
If you have land look into this! Rocklily is a member.

The Wombat Foundation is a charitable organisation set up to support activities that aim to bring the Northern hairy-nosed wombat back from the brink. Latest information about what’s happening.
Wombat Awareness Organisation. Caring for and helping save our Southern hairy-nosed wombats. Research, Conservation and Education. Bridget Stevens as a founding member works very hard in SA trying to help these wonderful wombats. For the latest information and news on what’s happening with these wombats.
Forthcrossing wildlife     Information, including manuals. The best Wombat carers manual. and various other helpful, advice from Linda

For all things about echidnas and information on other species on Kangaroo Island.
Great website on wildlife issues & the home of some of the fact sheets

Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia. Wildlife issues in Australia.


Koala Hospital Port Macquarie  injured koala’s rehabilitated. Tours daily. Fascinating.


Save the Koala Foundation


Wombat Rescue in Cessnock NSW – caring for big & small wombats.


Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Service. 24 hour wildlife rescue service – covers Metro Sydney.


Great range of books on nature, the environment, science etc.


Factsheets on NSW native animals


Information about threatened species in NSW


For teachers, schools & community educators


Victorian Department of Sustainability & Environment – great info and fact sheets


Australasian Bird Image Database


Birds in Backyards – bird finder, creating places, surveys and forum

The Wombat Protection Society – wombat issues


Australian Registry of Wildlife Health Diagnostic & Resource Centre founded by Taronga Zoo. Focuses on detecting and diagnosing endemic, emerging and exotic diseases.


National wildlife health system for Australia. Fact sheets on diseases of wildlife.

The  Australian Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference website now has all the papers from the recent Hobart  conference. Just click on the conference and you can download a wide variety of papers for free. It’s always worth going to these conferences, the papers are great, but being able to ask questions and networking makes it really worthwhile.

General interesting links

Fascinating site on deep oceans and what’s there. Linked to National Geographic. We were part of the Sydney build team for James Cameron’s Submarine that dived to the deepest part of the ocean, the Marianas Trench (Dianna & Warwick Bisset; our bios are in the team section. What a once-in-a-lifetime project!)

One of our suppliers, we can get their full range, ask us for prices.

Kate Rowe, musician extraordinaire, winner of the John Lennon children’s category

Ryan Morrison our fantastic web designer and a great musician to boot!

Spooky Men’s Chorale. A choir that Warwick, the other half of Rocklily, is in. A bunch of men singing in deep voices, nicely, deeply or just taking the piss out of being a man.

Fantastic wildlife painting prints! Painted by a wildlife carer. Amazing

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