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Blog to Oct 14 – March 2016

April 2016


Jules the wombat. Little Jules  (5kg) was rescued By Jules the Ranger down at a Canyon at Wombeyean Caves, mum had fallen in and died, and Jule’s had fallen, scrambled down a rocky slope and ended up on a sandbank.  Tourists reported a dead smell over the weekend, and Jules the head Ranger was visiting the caves on the following thursday and took a trip up into the canyon and found him, water was neck deep and lower than normal, so he was lucky to have a spot to stay,  very hungry, after a week at least. He’s been very frightened, and covered in hundreds of tick’s. It’s taken some week’s for him to get to know us, he loves his bottles of milk, and finally starting to eat grass and even let us scratch his tummy and begin to play.

Little Jules, enjoying his bottle and chewing another teat to bits!

Snake and Goanna season is hopefully nearly over.  We had way too many large goanna’s, a local was trapping and moving them near us, forgetting we were nearby. So we had an overpopulation, they were trying to get into the little wallaby pen, and another electric fence needed. Normally eating dead animal’s Benny and Tink were looking rather tasty. We caught 3 large ones and moved them away to a good locations with water and hopefully plenty of food. 2 more hanging around proved more tricky.   Snakes as usual, a problem, with the catch and move of a number of red belly black snakes (one very full of babies) and a few Brown snakes. Warwick caught his first snake, a young Copperhhead, deadly of course! We only worry with them around the house and shed’s, they do bit anything or one who accidently treads on them and like wombat burrow’s. They along with wild dogs are the main enemy of Wombats.

a few of our catch and relocations..



Wiggles looking great, at 24+ kg he’s being soft released as well. Wiggles came at 3 kg, he’s been our postcard Boy for a while now and been with us almost 2 years. He come’s and goes, not always around, and keep’s away from us most time’s, so he’s becoming more wild. Still a very lovely wombat, very light coloured fur and very gentle gentleman.  He and Tankie seem to like each other and do not seem to have words with each other.  We expect to see less and less of him now.

Wiggles get’s some nut’s as a treat, sharling with Tankie















Terry looking very grown up now 20kg. He was rescued at about 500 gms by us , and Julie raised him to around 5kg for us, an that was 2 years ago. He is in his soft release,  he come’s and goes from the wombatorium, the wombat door is open, we anticipate he will have found his place in the wild over winter.

Terrys shy smile, we love that boy!




















March 2016

We Finished March with 5 wombats in care, 5 being soft released, 2 little red neck wallabys, 2 wallaroos and 8 Kangaroo’s. And in the process of soft release a Swamp wallaby Dawn, and 3 wallaroo’s Red, Legg’s and Ligthow.  We had a rare sighting of Mr Lee the Easten Grey, fully released last year which was lovely to see how much he had grown. We have also just released the last 2 wombats at the suported remote release site, the site has had 3 wombats visiting still, and we anticipate they will all visit over winter from time to time. We will continue with our wildlife camera’s here and  elsewhere, keeping an eye on what’s happening, who is around etc.  With the dry spell , the small Dam dried up so we set up a water station outside the release pen, for those coming back for a visit, Warwick underestimated the size some have grown to. We have since adjusted the hole in the fencing to accomadate this one.


Cooler days and nights finally and were getting some of our released and in the process of releasing wombats, wandering around the house, singing to each other.  We have seen Lilly released last August again, and she has grown so much. Poppy her buddy always pays a visit if we have visitors of an evening so about every 3  weeks. Both doing well.  Wiggles has appeared he’s our latest post card boy. He was looking very chewed by Charlie Girl his buddy when he started his release in January but is now looking much better. We think charlie, just chewed his fur obviously a wombat love thing.  Then there is the men’s shed mob Gentel Terry, Frankie run run away, and Tankie all doing so well. Tankie came in wild around 5 kg and so has become very wild early, lucky if you see him every other week. So the wombatorums are both busy with comings and goings and their living under waz shed as well as in assorted burrows around the place.

some of the night time choir

Benny the red neck wallaby gets his operation.

Jasper wombat tells Benny some good news.Our Little red neck wallaby Benny has suddenly developed cateracts over christmas . The good news is he’s having them removed in mid April. He’s got we think about 20% vision now, he knows his enclosure, and has a buddy called Tink.  .He cannot be released without full eyesight, and he cant be kept as a pet either. We think now his wild mum had vision problem’s as she ran into a watertank and broke her neck here at Rocklily. We have found that blindness in macropods is more common that we realised. And yes if you feed macropods cows milk they do go blind. overheated when young has similar problems that is why wildlife need to be cared for by trained carer’s  Benny as all our wildlife is only fed a special macropod milk . (macro = Big Pod= Foot)
If you would like to help us, you can pay $20 towards the cost in the wishlist in our shop wish list.


Feb & March 2016

It’s been a busy time,with high’s and lows.  Dianna has caught and relocated a brown snake near the wallaby pen and a very angry red belly black snake from Sarah’s pen next to the house, it was a female ready to give birth to many live young. Last seen resting in a small dam some km’s away from here. We have also had a well meaning local catch and release 4 or 5 large goanna’s just 2 km from the house. at the top of our road. So yes these guys have been lots of trouble and so far caught and relocated 2 that were about 1.7m long we are still trying to get the 2 smaller ones. One has been seen trying to climb into the little joey pen.  We already had a few, there are now way too many and they are getting very game in getting food.

We lost Danielle and her joey, our helpers heard lots of noise outside their window, we now think goanna’s hunting her. She did not stand a chance. we looked for many days for her little joey but did not find it.

Left. Charolette, tells winney wallaroo to behave, as she decides to pounce on sarah
Right Lucas feeding Joy. Lucas and Charloette were here close to 7 weeks over summer and have done some amazing work for us.

We also lost Joy an lovely little 6kg Eastern Grey she had a twisted bowel,  and sadly was not savable.

We now have 13 macropods (big foot in latin) in the release pen 2 female wallaroo’s, 3 male wallarro’s and the rest eastern greys.. they sure drink lots of milk, and require lots of sweeping to clean up all the poo’s twice a day.

Kangaroo capers. It’s actually the male wallaroo’s that are the naughty ones jumping on others to get their bottles as well. Feeding time in the palace, although there is heaps of grass in the main enclosure.

Wombats we have the three little ones now weighing around 9kg Jasper, June and Kodiak and Sarah all buddied up.  Charlie and Wiggles have been / are being soft released with Wiggles ganging up with the 3 other boys Terry Frankie and Tankie in the middle school , Warwicks shed and a few burrows around the place. Frankie comes for his evening snack at the back door, making himself known with loud wombat shouting.


Poppy  only visits when we have new helpers here, she’s very tolerant of Frankie and just ignores him and his screams.


Benny the red neck wallaby has a little budy now called ‘tinkerbell’  very sweet.  Benny developed cateracts in just a week over xmas. He  has some sight. Looks like we can get an eye operation for him soon to restore his sight. So looking forward to this.  It is probably genetic, and explains why his mum ran into the watertank and broke her neck. Zoo’s test the genetics of breeding stock to ensure those with the genes for this do not mate.  Benny will have to be 100% to be released when he’s fully grown.



January 2016

Clever John’s mange treatment & roadkill signs . John another member of Wildlife rescue South Coast who lives in the southern highlands has been getting the locals on side with a few simple signs. Check it all out in or mange treatment section!

I leave the figure with the body for a few days, then remove the body, then the figure a few days later. Makes for think-remember.


Terry and Frankiestarted their soft release. Both at around 18kgs have been making it their daily mission to dig out of their enclosure. Tunneling under and collapsing paving, managing to dig down and under the roller doors burried a metre deep. Refilling efforts with large rocks did not deter. Walks becoming a problem, when they simply just run away to a burrow. So we opene their wombat door so they come and go, living in a variety of burrows around their pen, plus digging new ones. Both seem calmer and happier.

a very rare sighting of Terry, whom obliges Luca with a back massage and nibble, then shows off his new circus skills

Benny the red neck wallaby gets cateracts and goes blind in just over a week this xmas.  We understand it can be heridity and Given his mum from a standing position turned and ran into a large water tank killing herself that is realistic. We are exploring what the options and outcomes are for surgey at the moment. Meantime he’s managing very will following us around for long walks (thongs make a great noise) and knows his small outdoor yard and immediate area already within a few days of going totally blind. In researching this it’s more common than we knew and Macroppds kept in zoo’s etc and tested for genes for blindness and not allowed to mate.  We will never allow our wildlife to suffer or be stressed. Benny needs to have enough sight to managae in the wild, (As per our Liscence with NPWS all animals must be releasable) even if it’s just in the immediate area here.

Benny listening intently, and insert cateracts start xmas eve 2015


Dec 2015.

A big thankyou to all our helpers this last year or so..

So you came to rocklily, fed, cleaned up poo, weeded, built, cleaned up poo, dug graves, picked grass, washed never ending bottles, picked grass, racked up poo, weeded, removed fencing, and hopefully had a good time, thankyou to all who came and helped us care for out 4 legged hairy critters! we could not have done it without you! it’s not always just cute and cuddly!
Neville & Dawn, Julie & Steve,Phil, Ann, Drew, Ben, Alex & Kevin, Ruth, Clair, Chris, Krystal, Julie & Tom, Illaria, Fenney, Russ & Mark, Coco & Max, Richard, Julian, Lucas & Charolette

We get our helpers thru ‘helpx’ online we are booked until may 2016 it’s normally a 1 month stay here. We also will take PHD students anytime on approved studies with macropods and wombats and release issues. We are interested in small groups for the weekend doing things like ‘fence removal’ ‘bush fire clearing’ ‘ weed removal’

Something different for Xmas..

So most whom do the hard work here, learn the wombat dance. We walk the wombats daily, there is a 1km loop and shorter walks, they need to be fit and know the area, water burrows other wombats to help them manage in the wild. Charlotte and Lucas demonstrate, then a rest for Tankie, with the wonderos order of Lucas feet!


Sometime’s the humans need a rest on the walk, so sarah just chill’s 

Wombat / Human pinball: Your out walking the cute little wombats, when just one wombat gets a certain look in his eye, and suddenly they all run away, in different directions, the more you chase the faster they get! They can do 40km hr when they are adults. Down the hill, into a burrow, out again between your leg’s, into a shed, under a car, bush anywhere, Leaping in excitement, all good fun it seems. They are so solid if you grab them they slip straight out of your hands with no effort and keep going. Your only chance is to give up and go and wait back at the pen. Then as they grow and at 3am when you wake to 3 screaming wombats outside the bedroom window and realize that one is out there when he should not be.He’s dug down and under a metal fence burried 1metre deep into the ground in his efforts to join the current two whom are soft releasing and not really interested in having a little one tagging along.  It’s not easy identifying who is who in the dark, let alone catching the correct one and putting him back (yes tankie I’m talking about you!) and then securing the pen again. Three nights in a row isnt so funny



Drop Bear, Wombat or Koala hats $24 ea baby to XL adult 100% wool..

Not everyone is the same, and our wildlife hats are all individual helping those who would dare, to become extraordinary.
This hat will make you and others smile and also keep your noggin warm!.
They are loveingly designed and crocheted by Wombat grandmum Kathie, each taking about 5 hours to make. And if you must you can use it to keep a small teapot warm

Wombat Vombatus Ursinus: Large with corse hair and eats grass. Lives underground, has a backwards facing pouch for young.     claws, Short legs and can run at 40km hr for short distances. Very cute and playfull when young. Make bad pets as tunnels under house can be a problem
Koala,Phascolarctos cinereus : Large tree climber, related to wombat. Pouch for young ,Soft fur, fluffy ears, very cute , eats gum leaves and has a scream like call at night simmilar to Drop bear. Bites and scratches if your mistaken for tree. Becoming extint like wombats  due to loss of habitat.
Drop Bear, Thylarctos plummetus: Related to Koala and wombat Large tree climber pouch for young.  Tends to drop on it’s prey  from great heights. Can also run at great speed.  Eats whatever it can find. Stay safe, stay alive in the bush always look up  when in the bush at night. Endangered.

Dianna & Warwick spend their days & nights rescueing, rehabilitating and soft
releasing Australian wildlife. Nestled beside the Blue Mountains National Park, near Wombeyan Caves NSW. We Specalise in Wombats and Kangaroos Wallaroos and Wallabies. We come across the occasional Drop Bear, but  these require extra special handling and are not for the faint hearted

Currently in care: 2 wombats soft release pen, plus our 9 wombats in care and 7 macropods in care. A full house it feels like.

A pile of wombats.. june on top of the boys jasper and Kodiak as it should be!


Chubby and Chester now make 12 wombats soft released by us at a local friends property in 18 months. We have 3 cameras monitoring the pen as well as local dam and burrow so we know whats happening. Its on the end of a long ridge with 2 creeks either side with water even in the last drought. The area is also being walked by the owners to check wombat activity in assessing numbers released, and they appear to be spreading out. Previous farmers hunted out the wombats as many did, so we know that there is plenty of area for them. Releasing can take months, feeding daily for the first 2 weeks then each couple of weeks reducing the feeding to every other day etc, then eventually just checking the camera’s with fresh grass we go and cut for 2 weeks until they dig out and they still have their own safe burrow to retreat to while they check out the area and start their wild Lives.

Chubby and chester, distroying the hay bails!

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November 2015 time has flown this year, and we have been very busy with the wildlife. We have had lots of new arrival’s as well as wombats Cubby and Chester now down in the soft release pen at Grandillia a few km’s away.


October 25th 2015 Daniel the hand raised Red Neck wallaby whom we have soft released late last summer here has twin’s!.  This is the first photo and we will start a special page for her so you can follow how it’s going.  She has a few bits of fur missing lately, probably from a barbed wire fence, we still have about 1km to remove here and other properties also have it.

First photo of Danielles twins.


September 2015

Welcome to a number of bundles of  macropod joy Lithgow wallaroo being one

Lithgo wallarro coming into our macpod soft release program, here for 18 months

August 2015 



Wiggles loves dirt with his sweet patato, charlie in the background. Both now in the big wombatorium

Poppy comes back to visit.  Dianna’s evening walks after dark are made so much more enjoyable as some nights Pooppy released now over 2 months will follow around chatting in her wombat way, then quitely disapearing. Sometimes she lucks out and gets a few roo nuts. It’s lovely to see her wild we have had visits from Lilly about 6 times since released so we know both are doing well.

shy poppy gets a treat on one of her visits.

Bruce eastern Grey. Sadly we cant save everything, little bruce appeared at rocklily weak and thin. He had pink dye on his tummy fur so we think about 3 weeks ago he had been sprayed when someone was spot spraying weeds. The qty of spray was to much for him. We hope it wasnt deliberate, he could have traveled many kilometers before getting to Rocklily We have had a few lately and its at least 10km to the nearest spray site.We have been notifying locals to take care.

Bruce rest in peace buddy we tried

Tank wombat a buddy for Sarah has arrived he’s a very sacred and wild wombat,  taking a bit to get him to feed from his bottle and not get bitten to much. Time and lots of gentle treatment will help him cope and settle in to Rocklilly. Hes the same weight as Sarah, but rounder and shorter.

July 2015

Winter has been cold the grass around the house is very short and appears not to be very satisfying to hungry mums. All the wild Eastern Grey and Red necked wallaby mum’s are hanging around for saftey. So were giving them some medow hay and making sure we rake up all the poo’s. Worm eggs hatch in poo after about 10 days so by raking it up and adding to compost we are ensuring we are not creating roblems with excessive worm burdens for them. All animals need some worms in their guts specially macropods.



Still winters morning at rolling tank dam.

One of our many Wildlife camera’s caught who is around eating animals we were unable to save rescued from the local roads.

Mr Fox spreading mange, belongs in england not here. One of the wedge tailed eagle family from the nest on the hill, lovely to see.


June 2015 Winter offically and clear weather and new animals arriving.  Rocklily gets a massive dump of snow, we have never had so much. Winnie the wallaroo is very cross, she hats the snow and jumps around everywhere barking crossly, its very funny. Everyone gets extra medow hay, including all the wild kangaroo and wallaby mums. Watching the wombats reactions, terry loved the snow and ate it, a photo from our camera’s shows the wild wombats also eating it, and Abby is not so sure she wants to walk on it. The snow hangs around for days, slowly melting and making the ground a soaking mess.

Winnie hopping high, terry nibbles snow and the wild mums enjoy some medow hay.

Trees, are pulled apart by the weight of the snow, with large limbs breaking off and them falling over blocking roads and creating mayhem.

Wild wombat eating snow and Abby is not so sure. Wallaby footprints

Sarah wombat at only 3kg arrives. Mum sadly another victim on our local roads. Sarah is a very soft and gentle wombat, loves here bottle and a cuddle.


Softly wombat has been sighted.. saw her last night and this evening she pinched an empty feeding bottle and teat!. So I guess she was hand raised! Lovely to see her so fat, We got Softly in November 2014, near death from dehydration as she had been dumped at the wombeyan caves , were unfortunately the creek has been dry for many years due to the new bore .

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