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Now and then a ‘tail’ comes up, and I thought it would be nice to share them :) We have a Facebook page now, ‘rocklilywombats’, and will post when we put new stories up. We’d love you to ‘like’ us and share us around your friends.

May 2014  Poppy and Lilly are hilarious, when having a rumble on the grass with us!























April 2014 Ryan was soft released last spring. Now he comes and goes, and it was very entertaining watching him sparring with a younger wild roo. I sat and watched for about 20 minutes and caught these funny shots!

Sparring is practising their skills for real fighting to see who will be ‘king’ of the mob when they get older.

‘Didn’t hurt you did I?’












December 2013 Caught on our wildlife camera 20m from the house! We call this nursery flat.

looks all safe


out you come

















nearly there…









ahh a good stretch









and now for something to eat!














July 2013  Ryan & Missy, Eastern grey kangaroos, are in a soft-release pen which just happens to have a wombat burrow. Here are some photos of a time when I was in the pen (1,300 sqm) collecting up all the roo poos, and Wazza was just getting the burrow ready for a new soft-release wombat coming in. There’s a wombat gate in the fence next to the burrow, and the track worn by the last wild wombat drains heavy rain into the burrow from the hillside, so Wazza was doing a spot of landscaping to prevent this. We are constantly amazed at these roos. As Wazza is their primary carer, going into the pen only once a day to give them their roo nuts, he gets their attention easily and Ryan will approach, but Missy keeps her distance. Dianna can rarely get close to Ryan or Missy and if a stranger comes to the gate now they generally hide. So that’s great—we want them nice and wild, as we don’t want them approaching the wrong types out there.

Ryan wonders what Wazza is up to

Psst Wazza whatchya doing?


Hi little fella, I’m stopping the water from running into the wombat burrow

smells interesting in here











it goes on and on, and I can see in here just like night time.


not easy to turn around or back out









ok still interested in that smell

another look











interesting still


why would you want to live there, Wazza?










after all that I think I’ll just have breakfast in bed!
















































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