Rocklily Wombats

Weed Eradication

Rocklily isn’t too badly affected by weeds, considering how long it’s been inhabited. The previous owner sprayed all weeds and kept it reasonably under control.

We have a big serrated tussock problem on our highest hill, which will be tackled with our neighbour before seed set this year.

When thistles appeared, Dianna picked all the heads and turned them into bio-dynamic tea. Less seed is less thistles. We are constantly pulling up various weed plants before they seed, and leaving them to fertilise the ground.

Lush and thriving serrated tussock

For serrated tussock on the lower slopes, Warwick takes a large bag and a chipper on his daily walks, and manages to keep the slopes reasonably free of serrated tussock (although it’s flared up while we were otherwise occupied over summer on James Cameron’s Submarine project).

This is an ongoing process. We let some weed species flower for the bees then mow them for a reflowering. The forests are slowly coming back to life after the cattle from the previous owner cleared them of all tasty flowering shrubs.

Serrated tussock on Wire hill Rocklily

Serrated tussock on Wire Hill, Rocklily

We have found a new product a granular weed control ‘GP Flupropanate’ and plan to trial this in the coming weeks on our couple of acres of serrated tussock on top of Wire Hill. We were always worried about using toxic sprays; both getting it on us and the drift of the spray. The area we have to treat is far more than we can hand weed as we do on the rest of the property. We are lead to believe it will not kill native grasses or leave a residue for anything longer than 18 months in the soil.

We understand it will probably take 3 years to get control of the tussock but as it’s on the highest point for miles, and seeds are dispersing everywhere, we have to stop it ASAP.  We will be able to sow native grasses and plant local trees in areas where we can just dig up a few plants to start with. This will out-compete the tussock.

We are finally feeling hopeful in tackling this problem.

Warwick hand-weeding new tussock plants on his morning walk.

Wire hill, our serrated tussock problem.

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