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Wombat gates, how to make

How to make a simple wombat gate

We have been using our wombat gates to help prevent wombats

digging under or breaking through fencelines. It’s best

to position them on an existing wombat path, where they are already going through. Here are 2 gates made from found items around the property. One is a simple wired starpost gate, the other is welded. You will have to experiment with the weight of the gate: ours are about 4 kg and wallabies do not go through them, and they are too small for kangaroos.

The gate consists of:

– U-frame: starposts wired together at top or pipes welded together. After you have hammered it into position and IF you are going to strain the fence, you will need a wire just below ground level to stop the gate legs from pulling apart. We have shown this wire on the photos below.

– Hinge to swing gate: this can be eye bolts into top of wood or just extend metal strapping we have used to hold old wooden fencing together.

– Wire: for placing in front of gate to prevent wombats, wallabies etc digging under.

– Wooden fencing: old swan timber to give it weight, about 4 kg stops wallabies, lambs etc getting through.

Welded gate, Metal 'legs' have been cut at an angle at base to aid hammering into ground. Note wire just below wooden gae to stop legs spreading if placed under tennsion in fence.

Star post gate, top corners are wired together













Install wire in front of gate if it’s much wider than gate & about 60mm deep. Peg down and cover.

Wire mesh installed in front of gate position


Hammer gate in, hammering on alternative sides so as to keep it straight. Place as close to fence as you can.









Using fence strainers allows you to gut fencing and secure around gate legs. You need to have a connection wire across legs below ground level if putting into a strained fence, or fence will pull legs apart and become slack.

Bend all wire around legs and secure, ensure gate swings. Handy hint: wire gate open for a few days for wombats to get used to it. Also lay a trail of wombat poo through gate as wombats use their poos to mark trails and favourite eating areas.

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