Rocklily Wombats

Wombats released from portable enclosure






December 2015 Now 12 Wombats released from the release pen. With camera monitoring and walking the area, and creek flats there is not much wombat activity. Wombats are moving away from area’s within 1km of release pen. We are beside the SW corner of the Blue mountain National park, the syd water catchment and many tens of thousands of privatly owned bushland. So the wombats are dispersing and we feel we can release a few more this summer.

December 2015  chubby and chester both male.

Chubby and chester, remodel the burrow

June 14

Jul 14



July 14 Mud
Sep14 Midnight died snake bite Jan2015 returned to burrow
Sep14 Sunshine
Dec14 Dora
Dec14 Sqidgy
Dec14 Ernie
May15 Maddy
Jul15 Missy
Nov15 Chubby
Nov15 Chester

Late summer in 2014 saw the erection of Philip & Lesley’s portable release pen down the ridge line from Rocklily,

6 wombats released to date Mud April 2014, Flossy June 2014, Peanut July 2014 and Sunshine & Midnight Sept 2014.   We have also released Wilber from our macropod pen at the house as it’s got a wombat burrow see his story in what we have in care.

Scale, Rockliy property is close to 1km in length.

at a property called Grandillia owned by Yvonne & Michael. The release pen is situated on a ridge line and wombats can move to the creek line either side or off the end of the ridge line. There is permanent water in the creek line to the left and south of the release site, even in the recent big drought, as there are numerous springs in the area.

The flats along the creeks were cleared for sheep and cattle which are now long gone, so this provides a great area to release into.






Situated on top of the ridge in a protected saddle near a dam. There’s more info about how to make one in the carers projects section.

 How do we know what’s happening?

Yvonne and Michael are at their property quite regularly and are really excited to see wombats coming back (we think they were shot out by previous owners). They are constantly looking for new burrows, walking the hillsides, and recording increased activity and new burrows.










We also have a number of wildlife cameras on the release pen and surrounding area. With the nearby dam we are getting a good picture of what’s in the area. We know Flossy at close to 30kg took about 6 hours to dig out, Mud took 3 days and Peanut 4 days all through the same spot, despite filling holes with rocks. We visit the site daily while wombats are in the pen, and every few days after that, and then weekly. We have also released Sunshine (Sunny in NARG’s latest wombat calendar 2015) and midnight in October.

Midnight caught on camera back for a feed. Sunshine has not come back although we have found what we think is their newly reactivated burrow.

Peanut we think the night after her self release

Peanut digs out










We are searching the ridge sides for burrows and existing wombats. We are installing cameras for about 4 weeks on each burrow to see who’s living there and also putting a single cydetin mange preventative dose with a flap.

Searching the ridge line, we have located so far 3 active burrows, one with a mum and 9kg bub, very black. A grey wombat and we have yet to check the 3rd camera.

We think this is Flossy, caught on camera a week after she dug out, she’s a big girl.



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