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Hi and welcome to Rocklily Wombats!

We are a wildlife refuge based in the Greater Blue Mountains National Park in NSW, Australia. We love helping Australian native animals! You can learn more about us and our projects on this website. We have lots of wildlife fact sheets and a big list of links, and welcome your feedback. Check out our info on treating mangy wombats in the wild. It’s great to share info and keep up-to-date on what everyone’s doing to help Australian animals, so keep in touch!




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2 days ago

Calm sunny day after all the wild wind of the last week. Luna take's a sun nap and is looking so much better, now she's bonded with some of the mad nursery 5! (see 4 above as our FB headder).

2 days ago

Jess, pokes his head out the 'escape tunnel' He's not often seen which is good, getting nice and wild.