Wildlife Work

  • Animals in care

    Warwick & Dianna Bisset belong to Wildlife Rescue South Coast in NSW Australia. we hold our animal rescue rehabilitation and release License through them. If your interested in caring for wildlife contact your local group. There is generally more than one group operating in any area. If you can not find your group, drop us...

  • Rocklily Slideshow About us & Being a wildlife carer

    This slideshow was made to show at the recent Wombeyan Caves Festival. We made it to encourage people to do the right thing. We hope it might even inspire some to become wildlife carers, or to help out at Rocklily or other wildlife refuges.  It’s a bit of a mix, hope you enjoy!    ...

  • Dianna & Warwick’s work with wildlife & the environment

    For what’s happening with our current animals in care, check out the ‘Tails from Rocklily’ or ‘Wildlife In Care Now!’ pages (the links are in the column on the right-hand side of this page). I (Dianna) have been a wildlife carer for many years while living in urban Sydney. I was always very busy as...