Billie arrives Early Jan 2020 b at Rocklily 2.2kg and suffering head injuries

Poor little billy was found wandering on the road after mum was killed. She was rescued by a taralga local and was bought to us. It took Dr Howard Ralph to deal properly with her injuries, a badly cut eye, broken inner ear and bad concussion so she is in alot of pain, and walks in circles.  Howard ended up sewing her 3rd eyelid closed to give the deep eye cut more protection and venus supply, she went on 2 pretty sever pain relief druids that she is just coming off now end of June.  She been a delight and been kept warm and snug while she recovers with Visits to Howard for checkups.  Last week June and shes now being buddied up with Olive, she loves olive, who's not so fussed at this stage, within a week or so they will be inseparable.



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