Florence or Flora joins us 28th Sept 2019

Little Florence at 680gms another roadkill orphan noe known as Flora 

Yes another roadkill victim handed Ito the wonderful folks at the tangled Vine cafe in Taralga where they know what to do.

She's a good size still needing additional warmth as she has no fur and cannot as yet thermoregulate. Thankfully has been relatively easy to get feeding its a slow process getting them used to feeds every few hours and not constantly on supply. 

Shes always been very alert and interested in whats happening, a wiggler getting out of her pouch alot. 

Flora has turned into quite a character, always with mess on her nose the smallest of the crazy trio. 

she loves a cuddle after her bottle and falls asleep!  She has a long pointy nose for a wombat and special white claws on one foot so will always be recognisable. 

 Quickly filling out , and as usual, snotty nose best cleaned while having her bottle, as she hats it being gently wiped with a wet tissue. they need to learn to do a ;'bushman blow' giving big snort to clear it. 

alert and inquisitive, she sort of comes when called to go back in her box. 

 She will chew anything she can, a stolen pillowcase becomes victim, our old lounge had the back ripped apart, now has plywood that stoped them. 

While inside they get playtime with me in the grassed nursery. lots of highjacks there.

then down to the shed of class 2 with starman and Berty she can always pull a great face! 


and still is a charter sleepy, milk drunk we call it  after her bottle July 2020 

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