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Gidget wombat arrives November 2020 1.5kg

Milk sleeps and showing her little tail starting to look betterLittle Gidget was rescued on Wombeyan caves road, her mum was hit by a car and Gilbert was half out of the pouch when a kind passer by rescued her and we were able to pick her up. She has a compound tail fracture thats healing and is such a fidget. Week 2 and she's settled in nicely. 

Little Gidget is a real fidget, hence her name.  She cannot sit still even for a cudddle. She came to us in early November at 1.5 kg  with a broken tail (yes they have small tails) At that size her fur was coming along and she would have been full-time in pouch, until mum was hit by a car.  She was just not doing so well initially, and a visit to Dr Howard Ralph revealed she also had Toxoplasmosis.Once treated she thrived, munching on grass and skulling her bottle before off and running around with her buddy Willow. Highly strung is how we would describe her.

Gidget and Willow July 2021 they do love each other, snuggling together 

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