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Little Millie rescued 3rd Oct 2022

Little Millie at 12kg was reported to us by Cherylle and Micheal on Taralga Road Wombeyan caves. She had moved into their front veranda and had made a hammock with a drop sheet covering tables. She had been around for a week, and she was not very wild. Poor Millie was covered in ticks, had probable mild case of Pumonia and did have liver fluke, lots of old scars on her back and very thin, lucky she found a safe dry place.  In consultation with a vet she began treatment and very quickly recovered. 

She was installed in our hospital shed, dry and warm with a wombat box filled with hay or a dig kennel also filled with hay. She growled at us a lot but quickly started making a recovery. She ate a huge clothes basket of fresh grass and showed how much also loved eating hay.  She was fed  heaps of grass twice a day and soon was putting on weight. Millie stayed in the hospital shed for 3 weeks and then once we were sure she was fully recovered an did not need any futher medication as once we move to a wombatorium she would be Very hard to catch and treat. She moved to the nursery Wombatorium with a burrow and had put on almost 3 kg we were delighted. 

Millie  is thriving in the nursery wombatorium, with all the fresh grass growing, were also giving her a tub of grass at tight, to help the growing grass last. Were not attempting to touch her, we want her to stay wild , but she now runs between warwicks legs into the feed station we are training her to use.