Little Olive arrives 27th Sept 2019

Little Olive, rescued by Oliver and his dad 

Olive at 380gms is another Roadkill orphan and was rescued by young Oliver. She's a tiny thing and has had alot of trouble initially staying warm as they often do if found very cold.  

Olive had an bacterial infection in her gut, probably from her dead mum and trying to drink milk that was no longer fresh.  In little ones its a big issue and can take a while to get these incoming issues under control. 

She's loving her bottle and to be held warm against the hotbed cupped in your hand and has a milk sleep during her bottle. 

Olive has been a mission to save, its taken weeks to be able to settle her body from being so cold, were amazed no organs had died. She has become a good little drinker and after the first few weeks of 3 hourly feeds 24 hrs a day straight after the bushfire had totally exausted me.  

 She progressed nicely not liking cuddles at all, wiggling around, just happy to be wrapped securely in her bag. First forward to June and she is the master of the 1.4 second cuddle after her bottle. She' a funny looking thing with an very uneven grown face, but as cute as a button and very intelligent. She knows her name and comes when called, she loves her bag and box in her wombat pen in in the house still. And enjoys a romp outside in the nursery enclosure, we stay with her as its not dingo proof and we have had one appear within 3 metres when we were in the pen with her

Yes all pens are full awaiting spring summer to release 5 more wombats. 

Olive has grown quickly loving her milk and eating grass and hay. she's a lovely wombat 



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