Little Starman arrives August 2019

Little Starman another roadkill orphan

We refer to the moving bodies off the road and checking of pouches for living little joeys as 'drive by shopping". theres just so much. 

Starman at just 296gms was rescued by Susan 21st July 2019 and I met her at The tangled Vine Cafe with him all wrapped up snugly. He gets his name as his arms and legs spring out automatically when you try and put him in a fresh bag, the claws scraping on the bag. 

He has been a good little fellow loving his bottles 6 times a day, yes thats every 4 hours ! 

Hes been a good feeder until a Protozoa he had decided to attack his red blood cells and thank's to the wonderfull Dr Howard Ralph we have been able to save him. 


Starman upgraded to a bigger box is joined by his new buddies Flora and berry!  will they ever grow into it!

Starman has grown quickly as part of a crazy trio. He has had iron and vitamin supplements in his milk for many months due to a lack of iron in his blood. its a bit messy! 

In the hot summer of 2019-20 we have kept frozen bottles of water in their book and kept the box in the coolest part of the house. 

Starman has always been a busy boy and samples some bark, something wild wombats often eat. 

And eventually the crazy trio moved to the shed in their wombatorium , bag in a. box still, till we can sort out the wild dog issues. 

Starman has his moments and enjoys the very odd cuddle with Warwick whom was signing gently 'in my room' to him


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