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Little Lucinda aka Lucy neverstill

Little wombat's mum was hit by a car on Anzac Day and luckily someone came by and rescued this lovely little joey from her pouch. She's a sweet little girl and we're just sorting a name for her. She's a very slow drinker of her bottle, taking lots of time so getting lots of cuddles. Lucy has buddied up with Bubule and their great pals, sleeping together in a big cosy bag in their box. Then along came little Pearl whom Lucy screamed at for quite a few week's but now the three are all great buddies often sleeping in a pile. lucy (Lucinda) is the darkest of the trio Lucy is a 2019 calendar girl as well! Luzy is never still and most wombats have a Milk sleep or coma after a bottle. One day while still small inside she suddenly work and shot off accross the low lounge and off the side. Lucy hurt her leg. we had Will at Crookwell vet xray it all seemed fine but we ended up at Dr Howard Ralph's and she slipped out of his grasp as well, caught well by Glenda Howards Wife. Xrays showed nothing and a shop of cortisone as there was swelling in a joint continued pain relief and feeping her of it! Took around 5 -6 weeks to stop limping but she's all good now.