Sally at 2kg 27th Sept 2019

Sally a very scared little girl, but doing very well now June 2020

Sally was found trying to get back into her very dead mums pouch and caught by a member of the public carefully getting close to mum and holding a shopping bag open and desperate sally based into it. 

Poor Sally had been managing for a couple of days on her own, she would be still permanetly in mums pouch until well over 3 kgs, just coming out to play with mum in the burrow. 

As with many little ones whom manage on their own Sally had learnt to lap and will not have anything to do with a bottle. So she' s now lapping her daily milk intake from a bowl in her larger box.

Shes still very scared and bites alot, she's finally started to enjoy a tummy scratch when out for a cuddle.

sally end of October grown alot

Its amazing how quickly feeding bottles to little ones turns you into mum and calms them down. 

Sally has been a delight and with a full house with larger wombats were unable to release as planned over spring summer 2019 due to drought then Bushfire.  Sally finally moved Class 2 with burrows and grass and a cosy shed for her box after ranger released from there in April 2020.  She has grown really well and has become really wild and we only catch her on our wildlife camera now. 

Sally plays with a milk crate in the shed burrow entrance, her preferred burrow! 


And steals her old polafleece bag  from her box and drags into the shed burrow to sleep on !




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