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Willow arrives in November 2020

Little Willow at 3kg has come to start her journey here at Rocklily. She is settling in, and will be starting playtime soon with Gidget soon to become buddies for their 2 year journey here.  Both love their bottles and I might add both take their time enjoying the relaxing time suckling their milk.  we will bring more news as things move along the journey path. 

She is the perfect buddy for Gidget. Willow is relaxed and easy-going, enjoying her bottle so much its like a meditation for her and us, as she slowly drinks with eyes closed; pure bliss! She loves her grass and hay. Willow and Gidget sleep together in a box sometimes in their bags or just cuddled up together. 

Willow just wants to be close to Gidget, willow is going to be a much bigger wombat than Gidget


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