Little Bubule

Mum was left on the road where she had been hit by a car, luckily Dianna came along to move mum off the road and rescue little Wombat. She weighs just a tiny 492g (4 months old) and will take 2 years to grow to around 23 kg. She is now getting fed every 4 hours around the clock. She will drink around 60 litres of specialist marsupial milk with the sale of one brooch buying 1/2 L milk! Also chewing her way through around 24 teats, although sometimes they can shred a $4 teat a day when teething. She will need to be kept warm on a special heat pad for the next two months till she has grown some nice fur. Little ones with no fur, nude as we like to say, are called ‘pinkies' for obvious reasons. She will also require us to cut many kilos of grass roadside and she will journey through 3 stages here to her eventual supported soft release. With so many dead mums on the road it won't be long before we have a buddy for her, sadly.

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