April 2016

Jules the wombat. Little Jules  (5kg) was rescued By Jules the Ranger down at a Canyon at Wombeyean Caves, mum had fallen in and died, and Jule's had fallen, scrambled down a rocky slope and ended up on a sandbank.  Tourists reported a dead smell over the weekend, and Jules the head Ranger was visiting the caves on the following thursday and took a trip up into the canyon and found him, water was neck deep and lower than normal, so he was lucky to have a spot to stay,  very hungry, after a week at least. He's been very frightened, and covered in hundreds of tick's. It's taken some week's for him to get to know us, he loves his bottles of milk, and finally starting to eat grass and even let us scratch his tummy and begin to play. Snake and Goanna season is hopefully nearly over.  We had way too many large goanna's, a local was trapping and moving them near us, forgetting we were nearby. So we had an overpopulation, they were trying to get into the little wallaby pen, and another electric fence needed. Normally eating dead animal's Benny and Tink were looking rather tasty. We caught 3 large ones and moved them away to a good locations with water and hopefully plenty of food. 2 more hanging around proved more tricky.   Snakes as usual, a problem, with the catch and move of a number of red belly black snakes (one very full of babies) and a few Brown snakes. Warwick caught his first snake, a young Copperhhead, deadly of course! We only worry with them around the house and shed's, they do bit anything or one who accidently treads on them and like wombat burrow's. They along with wild dogs are the main enemy of Wombats.     Wiggles looking great, at 24+ kg he's being soft released as well. Wiggles came at 3 kg, he's been our postcard Boy for a while now and been with us almost 2 years. He come's and goes, not always around, and keep's away from us most time's, so he's becoming more wild. Still a very lovely wombat, very light coloured fur and very gentle gentleman.  He and Tankie seem to like each other and do not seem to have words with each other.  We expect to see less and less of him now.                             Terry looking very grown up now 20kg. He was rescued at about 500 gms by us , and Julie raised him to around 5kg for us, an that was 2 years ago. He is in his soft release,  he come's and goes from the wombatorium, the wombat door is open, we anticipate he will have found his place in the wild over winter.                                      

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