December 2014

December 2014  Busy again, when is it not! The month of storms. 3 nights of hail, one thunder and lightening that was very slow so we recorded 4 strikes here, setting fire to a pine tree trunk in the pouring rain! So we have put a suspended hail sun net over the palace shed to reduce noise, even though roof is insulated! Just got the latest 4 additions to our macropod mob 2  female wallaroo's Winny & Cracker and 2 eastern Greys Lee (male) and Ginnie all about 9kg. so feed time with 6 hungry mouths is interesting. 2 bottles while they settle then down to one while starting the 'day release programe' where we let them put mornings into the wild  wallaby & roo mobs  and they return themselves, and over time not returning as they become wild. We have had 3 new wombats down to the release pen (november misses in 2015 wombat calender) and their release is underway opening the gates last night!  We also released Miss July 'sunshine' or sunny for short back in sept.

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