December 2015

Dec 2015. A big thankyou to all our helpers this last year or so.. So you came to rocklily, fed, cleaned up poo, weeded, built, cleaned up poo, dug graves, picked grass, washed never ending bottles, picked grass, racked up poo, weeded, removed fencing, and hopefully had a good time, thankyou to all who came and helped us care for out 4 legged hairy critters! we could not have done it without you! it's not always just cute and cuddly! Neville & Dawn, Julie & Steve,Phil, Ann, Drew, Ben, Alex & Kevin, Ruth, Clair, Chris, Krystal, Julie & Tom, Illaria, Fenney, Russ & Mark, Coco & Max, Richard, Julian, Lucas & Charolette We get our helpers thru 'helpx' online we are booked until may 2016 it's normally a 1 month stay here. We also will take PHD students anytime on approved studies with macropods and wombats and release issues. We are interested in small groups for the weekend doing things like 'fence removal' 'bush fire clearing' ' weed removal' Something different for Xmas.. So most whom do the hard work here, learn the wombat dance. We walk the wombats daily, there is a 1km loop and shorter walks, they need to be fit and know the area, water burrows other wombats to help them manage in the wild. Charlotte and Lucas demonstrate, then a rest for Tankie, with the wonderos order of Lucas feet!   Wombat / Human pinball: Your out walking the cute little wombats, when just one wombat gets a certain look in his eye, and suddenly they all run away, in different directions, the more you chase the faster they get! They can do 40km hr when they are adults. Down the hill, into a burrow, out again between your leg's, into a shed, under a car, bush anywhere, Leaping in excitement, all good fun it seems. They are so solid if you grab them they slip straight out of your hands with no effort and keep going. Your only chance is to give up and go and wait back at the pen. Then as they grow and at 3am when you wake to 3 screaming wombats outside the bedroom window and realize that one is out there when he should not be.He's dug down and under a metal fence burried 1metre deep into the ground in his efforts to join the current two whom are soft releasing and not really interested in having a little one tagging along. It's not easy identifying who is who in the dark, let alone catching the correct one and putting him back (yes tankie I'm talking about you!) and then securing the pen again. Three nights in a row isnt so funny   ! Drop Bear, Wombat or Koala hats $24 ea baby to XL adult 100% wool.. Not everyone is the same, and our wildlife hats are all individual helping those who would dare, to become extraordinary. This hat will make you and others smile and also keep your noggin warm!. They are loveingly designed and crocheted by Wombat grandmum Kathie, each taking about 5 hours to make. And if you must you can use it to keep a small teapot warm Wombat Vombatus Ursinus: Large with corse hair and eats grass. Lives underground, has a backwards facing pouch for young.     claws, Short legs and can run at 40km hr for short distances. Very cute and playfull when young. Make bad pets as tunnels under house can be a problem Koala,Phascolarctos cinereus : Large tree climber, related to wombat. Pouch for young ,Soft fur, fluffy ears, very cute , eats gum leaves and has a scream like call at night simmilar to Drop bear. Bites and scratches if your mistaken for tree. Becoming extint like wombats  due to loss of habitat. Drop Bear, Thylarctos plummetus: Related to Koala and wombat Large tree climber pouch for young.  Tends to drop on it’s prey  from great heights. Can also run at great speed.  Eats whatever it can find. Stay safe, stay alive in the bush always look up  when in the bush at night. Endangered. Dianna & Warwick spend their days & nights rescueing, rehabilitating and soft releasing Australian wildlife. Nestled beside the Blue Mountains National Park, near Wombeyan Caves NSW. We Specalise in Wombats and Kangaroos Wallaroos and Wallabies. We come across the occasional Drop Bear, but  these require extra special handling and are not for the faint hearted Currently in care: 2 wombats soft release pen, plus our 9 wombats in care and 7 macropods in care. A full house it feels like. A pile of wombats.. june on top of the boys jasper and Kodiak as it should be!   Chubby and Chester now make 12 wombats soft released by us at a local friends property in 18 months. We have 3 cameras monitoring the pen as well as local dam and burrow so we know whats happening. Its on the end of a long ridge with 2 creeks either side with water even in the last drought. The area is also being walked by the owners to check wombat activity in assessing numbers released, and they appear to be spreading out. Previous farmers hunted out the wombats as many did, so we know that there is plenty of area for them. Releasing can take months, feeding daily for the first 2 weeks then each couple of weeks reducing the feeding to every other day etc, then eventually just checking the camera's with fresh grass we go and cut for 2 weeks until they dig out and they still have their own safe burrow to retreat to while they check out the area and start their wild Lives. Great Christmas gifts if you interested in Bat's Possum's, Kangaroos or wombats here are a few  add's you can share with friends or on facebook. We have something for most Australian wildlife, from Numbats, Quoll's, Quakka's and more. All sales fund our wildlife rescue,rehabilitation and release and is our ONLY funding. PS.. Spend over 430 and mention you saw this add and get a free cookie cutter.. :-) Check out rocklilywombats on facebook for the latest updates 2016 Wombat Calendar NOW AVAILABLE $10 plus postage

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