Feb & March 2016

Feb & March 2016 It's been a busy time,with high's and lows.  Dianna has caught and relocated a brown snake near the wallaby pen and a very angry red belly black snake from Sarah's pen next to the house, it was a female ready to give birth to many live young. Last seen resting in a small dam some km's away from here. We have also had a well meaning local catch and release 4 or 5 large goanna's just 2 km from the house. at the top of our road. So yes these guys have been lots of trouble and so far caught and relocated 2 that were about 1.7m long we are still trying to get the 2 smaller ones. One has been seen trying to climb into the little joey pen.  We already had a few, there are now way too many and they are getting very game in getting food. We lost Danielle and her joey, our helpers heard lots of noise outside their window, we now think goanna's hunting her. She did not stand a chance. we looked for many days for her little joey but did not find it. Left. Charolette, tells winney wallaroo to behave, as she decides to pounce on sarah
We also lost Joy an lovely little 6kg Eastern Grey she had a twisted bowel,  and sadly was not savable. We now have 13 macropods (big foot in latin) in the release pen 2 female wallaroo's, 3 male wallarro's and the rest eastern greys.. they sure drink lots of milk, and require lots of sweeping to clean up all the poo's twice a day. Wombats we have the three little ones now weighing around 9kg Jasper, June and Kodiak and Sarah all buddied up.  Charlie and Wiggles have been / are being soft released with Wiggles ganging up with the 3 other boys Terry Frankie and Tankie in the middle school , Warwicks shed and a few burrows around the place. Frankie comes for his evening snack at the back door, making himself known with loud wombat shouting.   Poppy  only visits when we have new helpers here, she's very tolerant of Frankie and just ignores him and his screams.   Benny the red neck wallaby has a little budy now called 'tinkerbell'  very sweet.  Benny developed cateracts in just a week over xmas. He  has some sight. Looks like we can get an eye operation for him soon to restore his sight. So looking forward to this.  It is probably genetic, and explains why his mum ran into the watertank and broke her neck. Zoo's test the genetics of breeding stock to ensure those with the genes for this do not mate.  Benny will have to be 100% to be released when he's fully grown.

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