February 2017

We now have 14 wombat’s, way to many! As well as releasing the 10 kangaroos, & wallaroo’s and looking after Annie the wallaroo with her fractured spine and Benny  the red neck wallaby slowly getting his sight back. Were flat out with 24bottles, cleaning out wombat box’s, pens and raking up poo. One of us is here all the time as there is so much to do. Dianna has had to reduce her workload as highlands co-ordinator as there just wasnt enough hours in the day and we are unable to take in more wombats, with 2 of our 14 wombats with ‘high needs’. As a wombat co-ordinator, for the Tablelands  and taking on an additional area of the Highlands for 7 months, with 11 wombats needing release over the summer and so many smaller wombats coming in, it was time to put in writing what Warwick and I have been learning these last years. So ‘raising resiliant ‘ wombats is our thoughts and an added Biolac milk chart. This was presented at a forum in December 2016  There is already available from Wombaroo a feeding chart/booklet. Resiliant wombats D Bisset Feb 2017 Copyright A new easy to use guide to assist in treating manged wombats.  See mange section  for the download. Initial dosage will vary depending on wombats, please contact us with an image of the wombat. You can purchase a mange treatment kit from our online shop for $30 enough for a full treatment for one wombat.   Jess: Little Jessy (Jessy James! OR  fang! ) was rescued by Jess of Taralga, and came to Rocklily at just over 2kg, very scared and very willing to bit anything within  his range! It’s taken nearly 3 weeks to Jess drinking his bottles. Although still nt drinking all he should getting close. And finally not taking bit’s out of me anymore!

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