January 2016

2nd January sees Dianna finally catch and relocate a large eastern Brown snake that's been seen around the last number of weeks. Charlotte has been singing to our wombats and taught them this song.   Clever John's mange treatment & roadkill signs . John another member of Wildlife rescue South Coast who lives in the southern highlands has been getting the locals on side with a few simple signs. Check it all out in or mange treatment section!   Terry and Frankiestarted their soft release. Both at around 18kgs have been making it their daily mission to dig out of their enclosure. Tunneling under and collapsing paving, managing to dig down and under the roller doors burried a metre deep. Refilling efforts with large rocks did not deter. Walks becoming a problem, when they simply just run away to a burrow. So we opene their wombat door so they come and go, living in a variety of burrows around their pen, plus digging new ones. Both seem calmer and happier. Benny the red neck wallaby gets cateracts and goes blind in just over a week this xmas.  We understand it can be heridity and Given his mum from a standing position turned and ran into a large water tank killing herself that is realistic. We are exploring what the options and outcomes are for surgey at the moment. Meantime he's managing very will following us around for long walks (thongs make a great noise) and knows his small outdoor yard and immediate area already within a few days of going totally blind. In researching this it's more common than we knew and Macroppds kept in zoo's etc and tested for genes for blindness and not allowed to mate.  We will never allow our wildlife to suffer or be stressed. Benny needs to have enough sight to managae in the wild, (As per our Liscence with NPWS all animals must be releasable) even if it's just in the immediate area here.

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