January 2017

Poppette;  Was picked up by Warwick from a vet. A scared little girl, whom took chunk’s from us both trying to feed her, and get her settled. She took only 2 week’s thankfuly and buddied up with Jeffery and the two are now inseperatable.   Little Jeffery was rescued from his mum. Ray and Emma, brand new wombat carers, became his carers. However it wasn’t long before he stopped pooing and ended up having to be cared for here as he had been to Dr Howard to try and get things moving. Despite lots of paraffin and enemas he eventually needed a colonoscopy to clear most out and further medications to get things going. It turned out he has a small lesion on a spinal disc right where the nerves are for his bowel. We’re hoping time will heal and things will revert to normal for this cute little fellow.

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