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Tawny frogmouth after 7 weeks good progress

Mid January Tawny has been here 7 weeks, he's put on weight as he was super thin and his left pupil is starting to react, were hopeing soon it will be reacting normally and we will be able to take him back to the forest in farmlands and let him go. Hes now sitting looking like part of the tree  like a tawny should.

tawny early on fluffed up and finally able to perchnow part of the 'tree' looking much more comfortable mid January


Hes fed Lean mince with quite a bit of insectivore mince 4 to 5 small balls a day there the size of my thumb nail. 


We know the can fly as we have given him some test flights in the house (we have huge room cathedral ceiling)  his balance due to his vision and head injury was way off. Hi Han do small flights around his 3 x 2.5 metre hospital shed it has a best front so he sits and watches the world. Now he's balancing beautifully  and he's not impressed  with dianna wanting to feed him, Warwick is his main feeder to help reduce stress and keep him wild.

mid January looking good  

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