Pearl 'miss very shy' oct 2018 at 4.5kg Released Dec 2020

Pearl managed to survive for some time without her mum, probably getting attacked by other wombats as she tried to snuggle up. Her wounds thankfully did not become infected and had dropped of by the time she was found. se was very underweight for her size but has now gained all the weight she had lost She is a little sweetheart after 3 weeks in quarenteen she is now bonding with Lucy and Bububle

Dec 2018 Pearl has really bonded and all 3 have moved outside to the nursery wombatorium and into a burrow in october/november. There slowly getting used to outside as their move was just when we had additional gale force winds. Winds frighten all wildlife, they cannot hear their predators. December sees calmer weather and more playfull adventures to explore their 130 sqm wombatoium

Pearl Buble and Lucy continue to live in their wombatorium almost a year after they were going to be released. The sever drought that meant no grass at all meant as being girls they would disperse and go off separately to make their homes far away, they would not survive as there is nothing to eat. The looming bushfire kept them here safely with a sprinkler system on their pen.  They will be eventually released over summer 2020-2021 as now there is some feed around coming up in areas . everything locally was burnt so were waiting for the spring summer to get more on the ground

Shes a big girl now, not as big as we would like , her growth was stunted due to her hard start in life we think she weighs around 17 kg she's 3 years old so wont be growing much more.  Pearl is the smaller one in the centre. 

Pearl has been released at 'the boys out the back' denis and Daves release pen. she is such an independant girl she is only noted to be around as he poo is smaller than the others they know are still around their place.  Lovely pearl she's in a great place and will show herself if she needs help were sure.  


  • I just love Wombats, they make our Country even more special. My wife sponsored Pearl for me for my birthday and I cant think of a better present. Please give Pearl a kiss for me. Thanks so much for saving so many beautiful animals.

  • U do amazing work!!! Is there a site where I can donate or adopt a wombat to help

  • Hi Diana
    Do you have something like an adopt-a-wombat program?
    Bri x


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