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Pinki a gentle wombat dec 2016- nov 2018

Pinki Rescued in December 2016 at south Goulburn only 1.2kg by Erin, Pinki stayed with Erin and buddied up with Chilli  till she was 5kg then thy both came to Rocklily and were also buddied up with Vivian, bushy and Jess to become our crazy nursery Rumble. Pinki is miss independent, first to not want her bottle and more often doing her own thing. Pinki is growing into a lovely wombat. Pinki Started her release in may 2018 at Denis and Daves place in the perment release pen at their property, 8 kms futher into the national park/water catchment a wonderfull place no roads, and spring fed dams. and is doing really well and we continue to monitor burrows in the area for her.  Pinki has released well as most girls seem to do with her fining her way in the wild quite quicklye . She knows where to come back to for help if things get tough for her Chilli and Pinki Chilling No C6