Luna is a shy sweetie, like lots of the girls. Rescued at only  1.8kg Braidwood Rd Goulburn April 2016 by Erin and buddied with George, where he was she was there  have stayed in our old nursery enclosure since being here, and it's been enlarged to its present big size. they have a choice of 3 burrows, one under the veranda is a favourite in wet weather. Luna got very sick suddenly in July lost a lot of weight in a few days and was bought inside. Visits to Dr Howard have slowly settled the issue a possible infection somewhere deep inside her, with a fairly drug resistant bacteria. Not cancer so she's had lots of injections and been too thin to be out in our freezing winter. She's finally on the road to recovery and putting on weight. Sadly George has become friends with Grace and Luna has to rebuddy with them both which is another slow process.

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