2023 Rocklily Wombat Calendar due August 2022. We are proudly on Gundungarra Country. Virtual gift of mange treatment is what we need most at the moment.

WIN BIG 5th Birthday Competetion Daisy Jean range.  NEWS FLASH:

WIN BIG 5th Birthday Competetion Daisy Jean range. NEWS FLASH:

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WIN BIG 5th Birthday Competetion Daisy Jean range.  NEWS FLASH:  

Competition details THIS IS NOT A PRODUCT 

How to enterThere will be 5 ways to enter. Each different way will be announced throughout the month so keep your eye's peeled. You can win your choice of any 5 jewellery collections, out of the 50 odd Daisy Jean Legacy collections containing over 500 pieces (value in excess of $3,000.) 

The first way to go into the draw is to simply purchase a piece of Daisy Jean jewellery any time in June either directly from Daisy Jean Designs or one of our amazing stockists.

Pre-orders count.

Each item purchased quailfies sepeartely.

Rocklilywombats is even running sales during June. Worth a look around!

You also get twice the entries if you purchase from a reseller as opposed to from Daisy Jean.

You get 5 entries per item you purchase from Daisy Jean or

 10 entries for each item you purchase via a Rocklilywombats  And Rocklilywombats  will automatically enter you directly with Daisyjean! 

Entries close The competition closes at midnight 30th June 2022 PST/PDT.

Daisy Jean began at the end of 2014 as a small online store on etsy with only a few select hair flowers.

 The brand was started initially as a place where ladies could buy high quality floral pieces where the flowers were the focus point, lending themselves to a range of pin up and retro styles. Since then this small business has flourished into something more and now specialises in short run exclusive acrylic jewelry. 

 With an initial company description of “Making beautiful flowers for beautiful women”, in 2018 we have decided to change our slogan slightly to state simply "Making beautiful creations for beautiful women".  We are a company that is proud to support ALL women, both customer and other small business owners as well as using our pieces to encourage personal positivity and self-appreciation through creating gorgeous hand crafted pieces to help them feel and look their best.

In late 2017 our business expanded to a staff of 2, occasionally 3 to help keep up with the growing demand on our small business and we are a team proud to do our best for our customers. Daisy Jean is proud to have three amazing women as our face of the brand for 2019, which is part of our Pinup's Supporting Pinup's ideology. To learn more about our Face of Daisy Jean program, 

 We hope we can continue to grow and expand our business in 2019, with a focus on releasing new collections and ranges to our customers, as well as bringing on and collaborating with other small businesses to offer our customers the best range possible!

Thank you for supporting Daisy Jean Floral Designs and other small businesses!