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  • 1x Outback Jacko Lizard Erstwilder Brooch (SKU: Frill N) for $29.00 each
  • 1x Purple Poppy field Earrings Erstwilder (SKU: Purple B) for $29.95 each SOLD OUT DEDUCTED FROM LAYBY 21.2.20. REDUCED BY 3  $10 PAYMENTS 
  • 1x Ancient Egypt Revival Earrings Erstwilder (SKU: Reviv Earring) for $29.95 each
  • 1x Cascade Droplet Earrings AQUAMARINE- Ruby Olive for $22.00 each
  • 1x Brooch converter set Gold plated (SKU: set) for $4.50 each
  • 2x Wary Warri Wombat Erstwilder brooch (SKU: SKU-1008) for $27.00 each
  • 1x 2020 Rocklilywombats 1 or more wombat calendar NOW AVAILABLE (SKU: calendar) for $10.00 each
  • 1x Mobile Home Brooch Erstwilder (SKU: sea shell) for $25.95 each
  • 1x Nifty Numbat Erstwilder Brooch (SKU: Numbat) for $34.95 each
  • 1x Sweet Shop Easter Egg Earrings Aqua - Ruby Olive (SKU: Aqua) for $24.95 each
  • 1x Around the World Earrings Erstwilder (SKU: Ballon Earrings) for $34.95 each

Total $300. 

30 payments at $10 

JustPut one or more payments in your shopping cart and pay for it at checkout. Dont try and add products again we have them all aside for you already. 

go to the Lay by collection to find your lay by 

 After each payment we will email you with your balance. 

You can also see your balance in shopping cart as it will only allow a maximum of of payments to what you owe. 

we'd love in paid off in 4 months, if your having trouble just let us know, no problems we want this to work for you Kindest Regards Dianna