Gift of Cockatube nesting tube forGlossy Cockatoos at Rocklily.

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Gift Nest Box for wildlife, Birds and mammals at Rocklily. 

We can email a printable PDF you can give as a gift, or enclose this in one of our photo cards and post please ask!  This is only part of the cost for 1 box.

With almost no hollow nest sites in the burnt out landscape here Rocklily has started a project of building and installing  nest box’s to replace burnt tree hollows, as most large old trees completely burnt. for remaining birds and various mammals and as well planting appropriate trees and shrubs, this is a big undertaking and we hope to have around 30 box’s and feed stations installed well before winter.

- 31 x Nest box's med small birds and small Gliders  

- 18 x Greater Glider and Yellow Bellied Glider nest boxs 

- 5 x Glossy, red tail, and yellowtail ,Cockatube tubes x 5 at $460 ea plus freight $2,900 (seem to have the absolute best take up of Glossy cockatoos of all nest boxes and we have 3 glossy left. 

 All funds raised in this gift will be used for construction of box’s and feed stations.  Just for materials were looking at around $55 ea per nest box, with volunteer labour. 

Our box’s are based on the book by Alan and Stacy Franks  Although we have upgraded to 21mm CD plywood and all are being placed facing SE to avoid summer afternoon sun and worst of the storms. 

Were just a couple of ordinary folk who are trying to do the right thing. We fund all our wildlife work from our online shop and get no government or other funding.  We are not a charity

Our box’s are based on the book by Alan and Stacy Franks