Wilma the Wallaby. No W6

Annabell the Wallaby. No W6

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Wilma Wallaby is a young wallaby. No W6 Photo of an original oil painting by Dianna Bisset Blank Folded card size: 17.5 cm x 12cm folded. White 210g Gloss cardboard Comes with an envelope in cellophane bag. Makes a great gift or any occasion card as you can write in them yourself. As a wildlife carer I notice all the animals I have cared for have really individual personalities and I try and bring this out in my paintings. I would like to think that looking at these wildlife characters brings a smile to the face of the viewer and connects people to our unique Australian wildlife. At Rocklily we have a couple of different species of wallabies, Red-necked, Wallaroo, Parma and the elusive Brush-tailed rock wallaby. The wallabies are more solitary, although they can be often seen grazing among the resident grey kangaroos in the early mornings.