2024 Wombat Calendar IN STORE NOW! A virtual gift of Mange treatment, is always welcome, mange kills in around 3 months, so treating mange can save a wombat's life. See our gifts and mange treatment collection in the shop

3  x 2024 Calendar's  ONLY by Rocklily wombats  INCLUDES POSTAGE TO:  Japan, Taiwan, Hong kong, Singapore

3 x 2024 Calendar's ONLY by Rocklily wombats INCLUDES POSTAGE TO: Japan, Taiwan, Hong kong, Singapore

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3 x 2024 Rocklily Wombat Calendar  including postage to:  Japan, Taiwan, Hong kong, Singapore

All international calendars sent with tracking at parcel rates due to Australia post rules 

If purchasing more than the calendar do not buy with freight included, we will refund any overcharges if you do this.

If shipping to another address other than billing address please put shipping address in comments 

We have no control over international shipping times.  

 Australia post advise Best dates to ship by to have the best chance to receive by Christmas.

-  International parcels & Calendars is 20th November 2021 Items shipped after will still arrive but maybe not before christmas.  Will update with 2022 date when we know 

Calendar features are 

-  12 new wombat photos and some of their stories in care or released at Rocklily

-   Full colour printing, featured monthly wombat & story taking up top A4 page 

-  Smaller photo of wombat smaller or bigger.

-  New wombat facts 

-  Same great price just $10

- 250gms gloss cover and 150gm gloss inside Printed in Australia

- Hanging hole 

-Australian main holidays and moon phases shown with weekend days a different colour 

- Room to write on all dates. 

- How to rescue a wombat from his roadkill mum

- Information on what we have been doing for 2022 

- weighs 146 gms 

- A4  when folded closed and folds out to hang as a A3  see image 

      A4 = 11 3/4 inches wide x 8 1/4 inches high OR 29.5 cm  wide x 21 cm high  folding out to hang at

       A3 =  16 1/2  HIGH inches x 11 3/4 inches WIDE  OR   42cm HIGH x 29.5 cm WIDE

Shipping information 

Calendars are shipped as a parcel with tracking. All items of any value must be shipped this way for customs declarations

  This is  be our main fundraiser.  We have to raise all funds ourselves to pay for everything involved in caring for our wildlife.