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Wombat Cookie Cutter
Fairybread card rocklilywombats
Wombat Cookie Cutter  Australian made
Wombat Cookie Cutter  Australian made

Wombat Cookie Cutter Australian made

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Wombat  Cookie and Play Dough,  pancake, fairybread, cake and Cookie  Cutter 
These great hand made cutter is great fun in the kitchen or with play dough. Each cutter comes with a small care card describing how to get the best from your cutter. They are individually handmade by Daryl in Australia. It is great to support the art of handmade with its craftsmanship, skill, tradition, forgotten arts and rare trades.
 Although quite light they are thicker than 22 mm and so postage is parcel post
Size 90 mm x 60 mm x 22mm. 
Weight 22 g.
 After cutting cookies or play dough, simply wipe over cutters with kitchen towel instead of washing them (the oils from the dough protects the tin plate). If you wash cutters, ensure you dry them well in your oven. You can oil your cutters with cooking oil to keep them looking like new. Do not put in the dishwasher, dishwashing  detergents are quite caustic.