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What size hat do I need ?

What size hat do I need ?

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What size hat do I need ? 

Over the years as we have all become taler on average so have head sizes increased. Some babys and small children have quite big heads. we keep adjusting the sizing to tray and accomadate this. Were happy to swap hats that are too small etc

Heads grow dramatically from birth up to 3 years of age.. And continues to grow steadily until 13.. Between 14 - 25 is the Final Head Growth, the growth between 14 and 25 yrs of age is only 1% It only matures and change shape.. Then after 25, The head shrinks very slowly into old age.

- Baby  6mths to 12 months 

- Child 1-2 yrs (big variations in size here  )

- Child 2-6 yrs 

- XSmall Adult So 8 -12 years  Very small size for an adult 
- Medium  Adult  Around 12 and up  &  most smaller woman. 
- Large adult   Fits most women and smaller men

- Xlarge adult Fits most men, some women 



Made from 100% pure new Australian wool. Cool machine wash with a pure soap product.

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