Most help to us us Gifts of " Habitat Restoration:" Were having to pay for help in removing this as we just cannot get many to volunteers to help with this. See news for more info. And Gifts are in collection of Mange treatment & Gifts.

Gift of Food for fire & flood  displaced wildlife.

Gift of Food for fire & flood displaced wildlife.

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Gift of Food for fire affected wildlife 

Were feeding wild wombats and released wombats meadow hay,  kangaroo pellets and Xtra Cool and water.  birds  get bird seed and honey eater mix.  There is a big lack of grass, but lots of weeds sadly winter 2021 


No feed should get wet, as it can become toxic to animals.  NEVER FEED BREAD OR OATS, you will change gut flora, its not a balanced diet,  and it can get lodged in back of mouth rot and cause infections and death.  Carrots are not good either  as they are used as a poisoned bait for goats rabbits (pindone) 

we are helping others on southern highlands and well as locally 

 Your donation towards this is really a great help. We are not a charity. Were just a couple of ordinary folk who are trying to do the right thing.

We fund all our wildlife work from our online shop and Wombat calendar  and get no government or other funding.

We are NOT a charity and do pay tax on all gifts as this is income. 

We do belong to a wildlife rescue group 'Wildlife Rescue South Coast' NSW  The wombats and wildlife  thankyou!