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Fairy Wren Earrings  by Eliza  Rose
Fairy Wren Earrings  by Eliza  Rose
Fairy Wren Earrings  by Eliza  Rose

Fairy Wren Earrings by Eliza Rose

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Fairy Wren Earrings by Eliza  Rose Contemporary Feminine - Bespoke Australia


Wrens are the enchanting delight waiting at the bottom of your garden, flitting from branch to branch. Create a little wow-factor with these beautiful Australian drop earrings. Sweet little fairy wrens dangle playfully from gold mirror studs, and the blue acrylic is a swirling sensation with subtle golden shimmer. They are a midi-sized statement piece, falling to just below the chin. Lightweight and delicate, these little birds aim to elevate your outfit and become a talking piece at your next event.



  • 23mm across, 62mm tall (from top of stud).
  • Studs are made of 925 sterling silver.
  • As the pieces are individually hand crafted in the studio, there may be minor differences, making each one unique. Also, please keep in mind slight colour variations between computer/phone screens.
  • Pieces are delicate and are to be treated with care. Especially the gold mirror and wood elements. Give your jewellery a wipe with a soft, clean cloth. Do not spray purfumes or other chemicals on the earrings. It is recommended not to wear on a hot, sweaty day.
  • All earrings may vary slightly in colour due to acrylic variations. Small imperfections can happen in the acrylic, as is the character of handmade.



Eliza Rose is an Australian artist, who works in watercolours and oils, capturing the cheeky and sweet characteristics of animals in her detailed work. Wear a piece of art with her line of handmade brooches, each piece carefully created to complement your clothes. Australian flora and fauna particularly interest her, as well as scenery from her surroundings in Brisbane and Murwillumbah. She can be found snapping photos at your local zoo or quiet street, trying to talk to birds that have no interest in talking back, and disappearing for days at a time in her studio.

Originals and prints of her work are held in private collections around the world, and she likes nothing more than to hear stories from people who connect to her art.