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Feminism Cross Stitch Brooch  by Mox + co
Feminism Cross Stitch Brooch  by Mox + co

Feminism Cross Stitch Brooch by Mox + co

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 Feminism Cross Stitch Brooch  by Mox + co

Real pompom edge!

The Deets: An awesome collaboration with Jes from The Good Thing that transforms her cross stitches into wearable art. Laser cut brooch with a hand inlayed and hand-painted finished and real pompom trim!

Size Me Up: approx 60mm

Care For Me:  To ensure your handmade goodness leads a full and happy life, please follow these simple care instructions.

Do not drop or place under pressure - acrylic can break! 

Store out of the direct sunlight as prolonged exposure may cause discolouration - and our pieces are made to stand out, not fade away!

Please avoid perfume, lotions or makeup as these can damage our products - MOX is best left all natural

Please clean with a soft cloth - glasses cloths are the best! 



Good conversation starter anyone?

All of our jewellery is made using acrylic which are breakable if dropped, hit again hard surfaces or placed under pressure. Although we use strong jewellers glue, acrylic is still fragile and can easily snap if placed under pressure.

Please avoid perfume, lotions or water (remove before swimming/showering). 

Please be careful with you’re jewellery and store it accordingly away from direct sunlight.