! Frankie Wombat Brooch By Dianna
! Frankie Wombat Brooch By Dianna

Frankie Wombat Brooch By Dianna

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< b>Frankie Wombat Brooch By Dianna Rumble of Wombats range hand made by Dianna and Warwick at Rocklily Wombats Wombeyan Caves These are Hand Painted so every one has its own individual character no two are exactly the same. 68 mm x 34 mm Stainless steel pin fitting with brooch connector and keepers included. Hand assembled with care and love and painted by Dianna and Warwick at Rocklily in a limited qty of 30. Hand Painted finish on acrylic where no two are alike, a lovely hammered and pearlised look. Colours are based on the personalities of the particular wombats. Comes in a padded display box with a hemp bag and polishing cloth. and a card of Frankie. It take's us a while as we get rather distracted with feeding, grass collecting rescuing and assorted other tasks! Frankie was just a little pink ball sitting in my hand when rescued. We were full up and Frankie went to another carer till he was big enough to come back and be buddied up. Frankie has never been a ‘normal wombat”, ever busy, he is always seeking attention. He loves stealing plastic barrels, rolling them down the hill. He even rolls bits of firewood around. Perhaps he should join a circus. He’s obviously highly inteligent and loves the odd taste of our legs. He enjoys sitting on Warwick’s feet in the shed when he’s working. Australian postage only $4 Sales over $30. Free postage sales over $50 or more in Australia. International $20 for one up to 250gms and free airmail for sales over$100 Each piece is hand assembled, hand painted and released in limited edition. We are totally self funded and all profits from our website and things we make, go in some way towards the costs for running our wildlife refuge. This includes specialist milk, hay, straw and other pellets, vet bill's, medications and dressings, repairs to enclosures, washing and costs for bags, bottles and teats. Costs of building new enclosures such as release pens, wildlife camera consumables, petrol for grass cutting and rescues. all just to name a few things! So we really appreciate every sale no matter how small, it's all wonderful.