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Jazz  Platypus  toy now ready for soft release to loveing home

Jazz Platypus toy now ready for soft release to loveing home

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Platypus puggle is now ready for a soft release

Made in Australia 

Length 26 cm x 18 cm wide

This little orphaned juggle  has been rescued by Warwick and Dianna and carefully cared for till they were ready for soft release to be loved and cuddled.

He was laid as an egg first and their inside mum for 3-4 weeks then laid in a burrow for 10 days will hatch.  He will then drink milk from mum for 3-4 months. He will at around fourmunths lose his baby teeth and leave the burrow fir first time swimming underwater eating small fish etc. 

Only 5 types of mammals are born as an egg.

Thank you for taking over the care of this precious little one. All our rescues are very individual By purchasing a 'ready for soft release joey’ you allow us to feed milk for 2 weeks to a little rescue joey or treat mange in one wombat.

Loveingly made in Australia especially for Rocklily Wombats using legitimate aboriginal prints (where the artist gets a royalty) and other fabric’s with new polyester stuffing.

Pattern is by Funky Friends Factory.