Lion dance Red  Brooch by Gory dorky + gift Rocklily earrings.

Lion dance Red Brooch by Gory dorky + gift Rocklily earrings.

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Lion Dance Red  Brooch  by Gorydorky + gift Rocklily earrings.  

The lion dance is traditionally performed during the new year and other celebrations and is believed to bring good luck and fortune! 🦁There are various origin stories for the Lion dance, my favourite features the Nian, a monster who's name sounds similar to new year in Chinese.The Nian would appear during the lunar New year and wreak havoc upon people, but one year a Lion appeared and fended the Nian off! 

😄The following year there were was no Lion to be found so the villagers quickly assembled a Lion costume and performed an impromptu Lion dance to scare the Nian away! 🦁This dance is now customary at New year's! 😄 This item is a pre-order and may take a little longer to despatch! This brooch features a variety of handcast swirled acrylics.
Brooch measures 7cm by 5.5cm

Gift earrings made by Dianna at Rocklily wombats.

GoryDorky is designed and made in the United Kingdom By Rob  


 Brooches don’t like to be put through the wash. In fact, keep them away from water.
 The acrylic pieces can over time get scratches on the surface. If stored correctly, this will not be a problem. Keep them out of direct sunlight and indoor lighting.