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Little Corella Statement Studs by Eliza  Rose

Little Corella Statement Studs by Eliza Rose

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 Little Corella Statement Studs by Eliza  Rose 

Contemporary Feminine - Bespoke Australiana

 Eliza requested on 18.3 to not do pre orders anymore but await till our stock was shipped.  This April range arrives 16th May 

the Little Corella earrings!

Champions of mischief and play, little Corellas are your new feisty friends. Featuring lovely etching detail and real wood, the subtle colour palette makes them easy to wear and they still pack a punch as statement earrings.

A dazzling addition to any outfit, this brooch is made with two layers of patterend acrylic with hand embellished details. Cut in Brisbane and hand assembled in the Eliza Rose studio, this beautiful brooch is sure to add some joy to your day!

Some facts:

  1. Made from lasercut acrylic 
  2. Made in Brisbane, Australia.
  3. Size is
  4. Studs are made of stainless steel
  5. All Peices will vary in colour due to acrylic variations. 
  • As the pieces are individually hand crafted in the studio, there may be minor differences, making each one unique. Also, please keep in mind slight colour variations between computer/phone screens.
  • Pieces are delicate and are to be treated with care.
  • All Pieces may vary slightly in colour due to acrylic variations. Small imperfections can happen in the acrylic, as is the character of handmade.

  I per person please