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Pearl Wombat  Brooch  by Mox + co  LAST ONE
Pearl Wombat  Brooch  by Mox + co  LAST ONE

Pearl Wombat Brooch by Mox + co LAST ONE

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Pearl Wombat  Brooch  by Mox + co 

size 75mm long x 42 mm heigh 

If stock goes negative we will be pre ordering and thats around 3 weeks 

Rachel of Mox + Co  has gone over and above her brief from me for something bright and cheerful. Pearl is great fun for  those weary of 2020! 

Pearl is a brooch celebrating little Pearl who came into care almost 3 years ago. She had been without her mum for many months, was thin and had healing wounds on her back she was only 4.5 kg. She lapped milk and would not suck from a bottle often the way of those without mum for a few months. She has  grown to be a small wombat, obviously from her hard start in life. 

Pearl herself is a cheeky little wombat and if she had an aura this would be it, she's about to start her slow release  (november 2020) here at rocklily, where she can make a new life, with no fires we hope for many years. 

All of our jewellery is made using acrylic which are breakable if dropped, hit again hard surfaces or placed under pressure. Although we use strong jewellers glue, acrylic is still fragile and can easily snap if placed under pressure.

Please avoid perfume, lotions or water (remove before swimming/showering). 

Please be careful with you’re jewellery and store it accordingly away from direct sunlight.