! Rumble of wombats mirror Brooch By Dianna
! Rumble of wombats mirror Brooch By Dianna

Rumble of wombats mirror Brooch By Dianna

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< b>Rumble of Wombats mirror Brooch By Dianna

Rumble of Wombats range hand made by Dianna and Warwick at Rocklily Wombats Wombeyan Caves 68mm x 40 mm wide. Stainless steel pin fitting with brooch conector and keepers included. Hand assembled with care and love and painted by Dianna and Warwick at Rocklily in a limited qty. Comes in a padded display box with a hemp bag and polishing cloth, and a card of the wombats Wally, Trevor and Ray. It take's us a while as we get rather distracted with feeding, grass collecting rescuing and assorted other tasks! Based on Wally, Jeffery and Ray caught on our wildlife camera in their wombatorium. Wally and Jefferys mums were hit by cars. Ray (of Sunshine) yes hes the black wombat at the back, at just 2kg was still in his mums pouch after she™d been shot in a paddock near Goulburn. In September 2017 they weighed around 17 kgs and will be soft released slowly allowing them time to get used to the wild when they are around 22kg in late summer. More about these guys can be found on our website. They should live well over 12 -15 years as they will be able to return if injured.

Each piece is hand assembled, hand painted and released in limited edition. We are totally self funded and all profits from our website and things we make, go in some way towards the costs for running our wildlife refuge. This includes specialist milk, hay, straw and other pellets, vet bill's, medications and dressings, repairs to enclosures, washing and costs for bags, bottles and teats. Costs of building new enclosures such as release pens, wildlife camera consumables, petrol for grass cutting and rescues. all just to name a few things! So we really appreciate every sale no matter how small, it's all wonderful.