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Regenerationing Human and planetary health through nature connection

Regeneration: An opportunity to transform green spaces into wellness places. 

Were living in a critical time in which we can turn around the mess we have all made of this planet, if were all in this together.

We are not seperate from nature we are with nature and we all can do a small amount to create a greater whole. 

The simple act of recycling, going for a walk and siting in nature breath in and experience.
We went to a conference in Goulburn on Connectivity of the greater eastern rangers (Blue mountains) and had a truly inspiring talk and short films by Damon Gameau
He has an amazing ted talk at the Sydney opera house aug 2022
Regeneration is a new version of an original old story giving meaning and purpose to a nature filled way out of what we have bought upon ourselves and where we are now. We are all living in the decades that matter. We can do it together, restore the link between humans and planetary health.
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