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Wildlife Released at Rocklily

Wombats and macropods Released at Rocklily

Macropod is Latin for Big foot  and refers to Wallaby's Wallaroos and Kangaroos 

Pre 2019 December  buhfire firestorms here we had released far too many wombats and macropods here—finding release sites has always been a challenge. Some humanised wombats need a very long and supported release, often years.  We have had 2 other long term large monitored release pens locally one is in the busfire burnt area like us  and therefore only limited releases are possible for many years to come due to the significantly changed environment. The other 'kurts"  is adjacent to the burnt area so has many wombats and roos moved into this farm free area and is quite full. A new issue.  Here is a summary and as time allows we will tell their stories in more detail in seperate posts .

Many macropods  and wombats are rescued from local roads, and deemed unsaveable  (unable to live a normal life if at all) and Dianna dose the very sad but needed job to end their suffering.  Quite a few wallabys just took a week or two to get over concussion before being released here at rocklily away from roads, these are not in these records as yet. There are numerous birds Eastern rosella's, little wattlebird, Fria bird, that I need to put onto the website. 

 2013-14  Ryan & Missy, eastern grey kangaroo joeys at about 6 kg each. Our first macropods  had arrived at Rocklily. They seemed so small to be left out in our pen! The local house mob had joeys at foot at the same size. Released here and in 2022 Missy is still around having a joey every other year. 

2013 -14 Bob, swamp wallaby came in under 1 kg.  Seen twice a year now pre fires 
2013-15 Neddy, red-necked wallaby His mum was blind and ran into a watertank here. Ned went blind with cateracts fairly early and had an op which  worked but sadly ate some sharp bone (as they do) and it punctured through his bowel. 

2014 Softly wombat , rescued as a hand-raised, dumped wombat from Wombeyan Caves camping area. Rehabilitated and seen 18 months later looking fantastic.

2014-15 Lilly & Poppy, wombats our first released wombats here from 3 kg & 5kg  to 24 kg. We continued to see the more sociable Poppy every now and then over the next 2 years. Lilly is hard to recognise from other large wild wombats.

2014-15  Rusty, red-necked wallaby still seen occasionally as her colour was striking.

2014-15 Lee & Ginny, eastern greys  raised and released.

2014-15 Annie, Winnie, Cracker and Stunner, all wallaroos. Winnie returned with a badly infected eye, it took a while to heal and she’s made Rocklily part of her home area. Stunner is her mate, they have had 2 male joeys over the last few years and another is around. Not here all the time and till around 2022

2014-16 Wiggles & Charlie Girl wombats, 3 kg to 23 kg. Seen for some time after. Charlie is much shyer but we see Wiggles from time to time, beautiful silver wombat.  Neighbours report seeing a dark and a silver wombat 4 km away. We see wiggles every now and then around monthly and Charlie Girl every few months.

2015-16 Sadie, eastern grey, seen occasionally. We can identify Sadie by her ragged ear.

2015-16 Dawn, swamp wallaby. She was quite big and humanised, took 18 months to release.

2015 Wild one, swampy sub adult. released after a few months 

2015-16 Leggs, Lithgow, Ella, all wallaroos. came in at around 5 kg Released well.
2015-16 Blue, Red, male wallaroos, came in 11 kg released 16kg released.

2016 Annie, female wallaroo, returned with double fracture L7. Back in care and healed as was in position (pain relief and stress relief).

2016-17 Tracys 2  wombats held for 7 months 

2015-16 Terry & Frankie wombat, 6kg & 9kg to 22 kg. Terry is seen only rarely now in 2018 but Frankie is seen more often. See his stories.

2015-16 Tankie, Sarah, Jasper, Kodiak, June wombats, all came in from 2.5 to 5 kg and were released 22-25 kg. All roadkill orphans. We have seen Jasper and Jules once this year but they’re all part of the wombats caught on cameras around the valley.

2015-16 Milo, eastern grey joey, from another carer didn’t make it, died shortly after arrival from cocci.

2015-17 Benny, red-necked wallaby. Mum ran into a watertank here, sight-impaired. Little joey Benny was rescued and got cataracts. He was operated on and sight fully returned to one eye with a scar to be removed to give full sight in other. But he ate a sharp object, possibly bone, and after July 2017 was eu by Dianna :-((

2016-17 Tink, red-necked wallaby, buddy for Benny. After 8 months died of a massive stroke very suddenly 

2016 Phundalee, Jules wombats, 5 & 9 kg to 22 kg. Jules was rescued by Ranger Jules from a canyon, Pundalee seems to be Frankie’s favourite chasings partner, squealing as she runs (yes, normal mating behaviour), we think she has a joey onboard winter 2018.

2016 - 2018 Buddy Bruce and Cupcake Wombat  All Came in at around 11 kg not well  Grace died in early 2017 and Buddy and Bruce released in early 2019 at Kurts release pen and did really well 

2016 - 17 Jatz, Johnny, Johnny in a bucket, Julie, Jules, Jojo, Dee, no name, 8  eastern greys kangaroos . The females are part of the house mob. Boys off to the men drinking mob.

2017 Jojo male and Dee male, released. Jojo returned with a sliced open foot many months later, after a lot of work and 3 months back in care was re-released.

2016-17 Spoke wombat,  came in at 11 kg should have been 18 kg! Fed dog food, did not eat grass at all, very stressed with sad repetitive behaviour, suffering malnutrition. In care over a year till he became releasable here. We have not seen him for a while, but it’s a big place.

2016-18  Ray of Sunshine, Wally, Trevor wombats alias the Three Amigos. Only Ray was released here, Wally and Trevor at Willarwang, further into the bush through Rocklily on a 1000 acres. June 2018, Ray has still just started his release process, some weight loss but doing well. Dec 2018 Looking good, sleek and shiny black coat seen now and then on cameras. Wally and Trevor  survived the fires dec 31st 2019 grabbed by denis and Dave and put in bathroom. Trevor died in massing floods over 1 m rain when his whole hilside collapsed and washed down the gully. 

2018 Resting macropod enclosure too many Eastern greys in mob as we have had a number 6-7of extremely humanised ones left near our gate that have added to the mob. 

2016-2019 Jeffery white claw wombat. 1.1kg very ill from another carer, released at Denis Daves in 2019 and survived the fires and floods of 2019-20

2016-18 George wombat, Released, his third attempt but seems to have it sorted now. Early returns with weight loss and he was back in care. George slowley got his act together were seeing him every few weeks. Dec 2018 George and one of the girls seem to be sharing a burrow Nov 2018

2016-2018 Monty wombat, releasing 2nd attempt, weight loss (stress) but managing better and better looking good dec 2018

2017-18 Amazing Grace wombat, released and we are not sure now if were seeing her on wildlife cameras. cam in 5kg with euro injury from tumbling down road, had a head tilt at release. Were not expecting to as she was Miss independant.

2018 Vince wombat, at 12 kg he was one of a few dumped at our gate late summer (we saw the small wombat poos and wondered), and appeared at the house starving, obviously hand-raised, terribly frightened, but managing his time living under the huge shed and being fattened up with grass hay and hopefully will manage.

 2016-2018 Luna wombat   Luna’s third attempt at release she’s been a very sick girl  (tumour) and is finally released at 3kg, she’s doing exceptionally well and were very pleased

2017-2018 Bushy wombat Released he’s a small wombat although nearly 2.5 years old so haveing a few issues but seems to be setteling after a few mmonts he’s currently living under warwicks huge shed, so enableing us to treat a couple of wombat wounds from a dumped wombat that was extremely aggressive and sadly did not eat grass. Still around in 2022

2017-2018  Vivian Wombat Released and as most girls do released and only seen rearley doing well

2017-2018 Chilli Wombat Released and as most girls do released and only seen rearley doing well

2018 Abercrombie Adult red necked wallaby snake bite doing well then dogs were around pen died stress myopathy 

2018-2021 Polly Wombat released rocklily  jan

2018-2021 Winnie wombat buddied with pearl and Polly released rocklily

2018- 2021 Pearl wombat 5kg buddied with Winnie and polly released at denis and Daves release pen

2018-2020 Ranger wombat Released at rocklily after the fires. Can in at 11 kg with mange released rocklily did well.

2019 - 2021 Sally wombat 2kg from wombeyan caves road buddied with starman, flora 

2019 - 2021 Starman wombat 296 gms buddied with Flora and sally released here 

2019 - 2021 Flora wombat (Florence) and back in care 5 mths in 2021 Infected rear leg

2019 - 2020 Alberta wombat 900g 

2020 - 2021 Burrow wombat 9kg full body fungal infection crusted mud and many small wounds Buddied up with Billie and Olive Died Viral encephalitis  

2019- 2021 0live wombat came in 380gms rescued by Oliver buddied with burrow and Billie Died Viral encephalitis 

2019- 2021 Billie wombat 2.2 kg buddied with Olive and Burrow died Viral encephalitis 

2020 sept to dec Buru Adult red necked wallaby 19kg foot pulled apart in cattle grate in ICU eventually suddenly died tetanus 

2020-   Willow, Gidget wombats1.5 kg came in still in care both from local area still in care march 2022 release will be spring 2022

 2021 - 2022 Tawny frog mouth 700g  concussion in care 9 weeks released Jan's