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Walga a mangy wombat's story

Walga—a mangy wombat's story Walga has been treated by Carol and Phil and he ended up with two batches of treatment. Walga found Carol and Phil's garden pond as a source of water and first appeared as a severely mangy wombat sleeping under their deck mid-winter 2017. He was given hay to snuggle into and treatment started with pour-on doses before he started with flaps. He was attracted to their garden, as the pond is a permanent source of water and their lawn is particularly yummy year round. Also it's safe from other wombats and dogs. Phil and Carol do not know where Walga's burrow is and have managed to use a treatment flap in their garden. Treatment started in June 2017 and progressed well. By spring Walga was mange free and no longer living under the deck, but returning now and then for a drink and nibble, and shuffling a few garden ornaments and bench around. Autumn 2018 Walga was again sighted with mange, and a new treatment flap was installed and treatment has resumed with success. This time treatment will go on longer so as to treat all the burrows Walga uses to help ensure they are mange free. The mites will reinfest Walga from new burrows and as he's getting regular treatments will be killed on him. The photos and captions show his journey. Carol and Phil have gone that extra bit to help Walga and we at Rocklily are very grateful. Dec 2018 update! Wonga is recieving monthly doses and distroying the flap regularly shes looking fantastic. Its been impossible to find and treat all the burrows individually as she could be wandering a few kms a night. They will all slowly have less and less mites with this method. The main thing is this is the tatic that works best for wonga.     Hot glued into place and using another lid on top if not activated, as it's in a front garden.