31st MAY we are both quite sick, Warwick was in Hospital last night. ORDERS WILL GO OUT MONDAY 5TH JULY our apologies Most help to us us Gifts of " Habitat Restoration:" Were having to pay for help in removing massive amount of toxic inkweed as we just cannot get volunteers to help with this. See news for more info. And Gifts are in collection of Mange treatment & Gifts.

Is it mange?

Is it mange?

So many people including alot of vets can think something is mange when its not. 

Mange Generally starts  on sides, back legs, eyes, ears. Almost never down spine or on back of neck or on rump. 

Here are a series of photos, not sure send us a picture to rocklilywombats@gmail.com and we will be happy to help. No files over 5MB please 




attacked by another wombat or dog on back only. Likely to have dirt in wound which can look like mange needs proper treatment for injury.


Pearl: Healing most likely dog attack  around neck area. scabs fallen off now.


Walga; wombat attack on back over plate but she also has mange see inside back leg. 

Softly likely wombat attack 


Yes its mange !

Very typical presentation of mange  still early, ears and eyes not infested yet. 


mange mainly on one side of wombat badly infected 


bad mange typical presentation  eyes almost shut ears heavily infested. will be fine after treatment, but do not delay. 


Still treatable no open wounds dose NOT smell like death, meaning it has an infection. 


After 5 weeks of cydetin treatment same wombat